Rendevu is a social media app that tries to cross the lines between meet up and yik yak. So it focuses on events and interests like meet up but is hyper location and time sensitive like yik yak. The idea was to create a common platform where people could find other people who share similar interests and meet in real life in a natural casual setting. I joined the original 2 founders as a 3rd co founder and acting CTO of the company. We worked closely together, sharing marketing, design, ideation, venture relations, and development roles. I worked primarily on both the development and design of the app and used tools and libraries such as Adobe Illustrator, Parse, Firebase, and AVFoundation.



I met one of the other founders via an iOS meet up, and then met the other and eventually we all agreed to work together. One of them was a retired VC who had been an IBM engineer and then part of Netscape’s transition from startup to IPO. We worked very hard putting in many hours but after 6 months I left as there was no funding and I didn't feel the app was making the necessary progress to succeed. Although the app was bootstrapped, they didn't want to put in any more personal money and I couldn’t afford to stay.


They had an initial app built by a remote firm but it had many functional and UX issues. We began a complete rewrite which was when I joined the project. In addition there were still UI and UX elements that needed to be decided, company branding and marketing policies and I worked on all of those. We ultimately settled on a logo from a 3rd party and went back and forth fine tuning mockups made in sketch to make sure they were feasible to be built in iOS.


My first task was to build a camera module which I ended up doing from scratch using AVFoundation as no existing library from either github or apple proved sufficient for our needs. After that I spent a lot of time refactoring our code and organizing storyboards. We moved from one monolithic story board file to several modular ones. In addition I helped move our repo from bitbucket to github and also revised all the provisions so we could use Apple Test Flight and submit to the app store.


I built a working camera module, integrated it with the app, reworked the UI of the entire app, and added other functionality like profile editing and such. In essence I did all of the front end related components of the app, while another developer did the back end stuff of integrating services like Parse and then later Firebase.


The app was functional but we could not solve some crashes or performance issues, and there was a lot of churn of ideas and rebuilding things. Ultimately, we were not getting closer to launch and unfortunately the app never made it past a limited private beta in Test Flight. I left at that point.