I'm a product designer who codes and leads teams. That means I'm a clear communicator who is passionate about advocating for the user in cross-functional teams. My past experiences give me unique insights and great empathy for not only users but fellow teammates and stakeholders.

I happen to be fluent in Swift, conversational with Javascript, and rather particular about Interaction Design. I listen with pen, paper, and sometimes a voice recorder. I typically build with Xcode, Sketch, Invision, and Zeplin. I love getting to the true root of people's problems and organizing information in clever ways.


I'm just as comfortable leading a team as I am getting involved with the gritty details. As such, I have comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to design, develop, and ship digital products that delight users.


I have been keenly aware with how much grief people have with technology since I was young. In particular I remember my mom, a physician, tell me about how frustrated she was with the EMR system her hospital used. Simple things took forever and it was hard to track everything. People’s health were being jeopardized by bad design. I knew that I could make something better, I just had to learn how.

I thought the answer was to be a software engineer, but I did not have the impact I desired. I wanted to solve usability and product issues, not technical and scalability issues. I wanted to design for real living people, and collaborate with engineers to make it happen.