Hello and welcome!


This is my digital resume similar to what is found on LinkedIn

Please check out my repos at GitHub   and my StackOverflow   account.

You can also check out a quick interview of me from 3 years ago at Bloc.io, (it’s at the bottom) where I learned to code iOS.

While on those other sites I remain professional and to the point, here I’d like to keep the atmosphere a bit more personal. So you’ll find similar work examples and a great focus on UX Design and iOS Development, but also side projects of mine and insights into who I am.

A quick manifesto: I love when ingenuity and craftsmanship combine to create products that improve people’s lives and I find that in iOS. I’m eager to be part of a team where I can contribute my talents and learn from those around me. I believe businesses have the unique opportunity and responsibility to improve the lives of everyone they contact,  whether it be their customers,  employees,  or the environment.