I co-founded this company with 2 my friends, who are also iOS developers. The plan was to bootstrap ourselves by making apps for clients while also building internal apps we could sell later. We shipped 2 apps for clients and 1 of our own apps before outside factors caused us to split ways. You can see our work at SparkAppStudio.com

I brought the company together and lead the direction of the various projecs we choose. I negotiated the contracts and set the budget and project scope for both projects bring in about $30K in revenue. They were both completed on time and under budget. I also designed the apps and we worked together on features. The engineering effort was done in Swift and shared by all 3 of us.

Work Week


Our internally designed and developed app, Work Week, is built to convienently track work hours leading you to healthy work life balance. Never start or stop a timer again, its all automatic. You can see the pitch below.

Tale Kick

This app is built to help anyone write creative stories. Our client, a sound engineer at LucasFilm, had this idea and wanted to empower anyone from children to professional writers to be inspired and write new things. She is actively seeking funding from contacts at yCombinator to work with me further and take the app to the next level.

Campus Zone

This app is a photo sharing feed tailored to college campuses. It is similiar to Instagram. Our client approached us to take the existing code base and fix bugs and add features. We completed this but he struggled to secure further funding so development ceased.