Reflections on 2019

1. Startups are difficult

2. Relationships are more so

3. Friendships are the most sustaining thing in my life. So thank you to all my close friends, you mean a lot to me.

Goals for 2020

1. Write more. I wrote my first short story when I was 4 (with dinosaur stickers) somehow that got lost along the way.

2. Spend less time working. I've been impatient with my career, time to seek a little balance and trust things will work out.

3. Fear less. I make a conscious effort to not make major decisions out of fear, but it's the little decisions where I overthink things to my own detriment I'm trying to overcome. Like this post for example.

Predictions for the next decade

1. Tesla will become the most valuable company on earth.

2. Trump will try to get elected for a 3rd term. He will have lots of reasons. Don’t let him.

3. Some kind of AI war will go down between China, Russia, and the USA.