I lead the team to bring Google Home integration with BMW vehicles to market. This was a complex 9 month project which required multiple cross-functional teams to work together across 3 locations.

My manager gave me this project to lead and own. I developed the initial prototype in NodeJS and presented it to our office manager and received good feedback. I developed the idea further and worked with the team who built the Amazon Alexa Skill to create a similiar experience. I designed the many possible phrases which would be recognized by the system for common tasks like locking the door, honking the horn, checking the battery/fuel level, and more.

After that I prepared slide decks and pitched the idea during senior management meeting in Munich, Germany. It was approved and so I planned out the development plan and reached out to teams we would need to work with in Chicago to turn the prototype into a shipping product.

I worked with the visual designer on creating this image

I lead the project similar to a Product Manager or Technical Program Manager. I decided which features we would prioritize and which would be delayed to future releases. I had one engineer report to me directly, and we worked with another engineering team in Chicago.

I also coordinated with infrastructure engineers, QA engineers, designers, marketing, and legal to ensure the project moved forward and no one was blocked. The project was released on time late November 2017 and under budget as we used less engineering hours than planned due to efficient coordination between teams.

The project had good press, was even mentioned by the CEO, and was well received by users.